Della Mauler

Della Mauler

Candidate Commercial Representative

Washington State Chapter APCO-NENA

If elected the Commercial Representative for our Washington State APCO-NENA Chapter I look to encourage great communication and cooperation for all of our members.  I look forward to working with the Executive Committee such that their goal of encouraging the Commercial community to actively participate with the Chapter has a clear plan and vision and is well communicated to the Commercial membership.  In the same vein, I look forward to working with each Commercial member to learn how you believe you could best serve the Chapter and, in turn, how the Chapter can best serve you.

During this past year and, it seems, in the year to come, we will have to be adaptable in order to continue to develop opportunities for meetings that model Leadership and Learning then Leverage these two attributes to help each member grow.  This will be a challenge.  Some of the best resources are our Commercial Representatives.  Continued focus on efforts to provide a quality membership experience for everyone, whether remote or in person will be key.  Having those efforts actively include Commercial members helps everyone.

I have been serving the PSAP community via communications recording (and related solutions) since 1996.  I have been a member of APCO since 2012.  I am currently engaged in an APCO Standards Working Group on the subject of Early Warning Signs of Stress in the ECC.  I also serve the larger Public Safety community by working with Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy Centers.

I ask for your vote.

Yours sincerely,

Della Mauler

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