MarySue Robey – West Side Ambassador

Mary Sue Robey, RPL
Candidate for WA APCO/NENA Chapter Westside Ambassador
I am asking for your vote for the position of Westside Ambassador of the Washington State APCO-NENA Chapter.
Since October 2019, I have been serving as Ambassador, as I was humbled to be appointed to complete Tim Martindale’s term, left vacant when he moved out of state. I have attended all Executive Board meetings and have been ready to do whatever is needed and remain committed to staying involved at the Board level, carrying out the mission of our Chapter. If elected, I will work with our Eastside Ambassador to increase our membership and help those who would like to be more involved within our chapter to do so. There is room and opportunity for all.
The men and women who provide emergency communications, from the headset to technology to administration, are part of the public-safety network who work tirelessly on behalf of their community and I’m proud to be associated with them. I have worked in public safety administration for 23.5 years; working in finance, accreditation and risk management and am currently serving as Valley Com’s Administrative Services Manager.
My experience and work history speak to my dedication and support of this Chapter and the industry. In the 12 years I have been a WA APCO/NENA member, I have served on many State and International committees including:
• Annual Conference, Co-Chair 3 years – State
• Awards, Chair – State, International
• Member Chapter Services, Chair – State and International
• APCO CALEA, Chair – International
• APCO Task Forces – International
• APCO Group Leader, Chair 4 years – International
• Western Regional Conference Committee
In 2011, I earned the APCO distinction of Registered Public-Safety Leader and in 2019 was recognized by APCO International with Senior Member status. I have been a CALEA Assessor since 2013.
I appreciate your vote for Mary Sue Robey, Westside Ambassador for the Washington State APCO-NENA Chapter. Thank you.