Stacie Huibregtse – West-Side Ambassador

Hello Washington State APCO/NENA Membership! My name is Stacie Huibregtse and I am running for the position of West-side Ambassador. I am extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful group on a whole different level.

I have a long history with Washington State Patrol and Oregon State Police. I started my dispatching career with Oregon State Police in 2000 and worked there for 2 years prior to the center closing due to consolidation.

I have worked with the Washington State Patrol since 2003 and have held numerous positions within the agency to include, front line dispatcher/calltaker, CTO, TERT team Leader and Member, Mentor, Supervisor and finally a station Manager. Throughout my career I have worked closely with APCO/NENA in the mentoring committee (now the Chapter Services Committee) and have enjoyed working and seeing all of you at our various functions.

My current position is Manager for the Communications Officer Training Program. We work to train all the new dispatchers/calltakers for all 8 centers throughout the state. It is an intense training program that has proven to be an excellent growth opportunity for me.

I would love to be able to serve our great membership as the West-side Ambassador and help encourage others to join the Washington State APCO/NENA group. Thank you for your consideration.

Stacie Huibregtse

Washington State Patrol Training Program Manager