Alice Johnson – West Side Ambassador

Hello Washington State APCO/NENA members!  I am asking for your support and vote to serve as the West Side Ambassador of our Washington State Chapter.

I believe we can all make a difference and bring positive support and change to all that we do.   If elected, I will work with the Eastside Ambassador to drive membership and chapter involvement.  As a member of NENA’s Women in 911 Alliance (WIN), I will encourage and promote education and leadership development.

As an active APCO and NENA member, I currently serve on the joint APCO/NENA EIDO Management and the NENA Monitoring and Managing NG9-1-1 Working Groups.

Earlier this year I attended 9-1-1 Goes to Washington.  I had the opportunity to meet with our local legislators to discuss issues of funding, technology and asked for their support to recognize Telecommunicators as first responders. 

I have previously served the Washington State APCO/NENA Chapter as the NENA Treasurer from June 2013-2017.  I have also served as Conference Co-Chair from 2014-2017.

I will bring my contagious enthusiasm and passion for our industry to the Washington State APCO/NENA Executive Committee.  I would love to serve in the position of West Side Ambassador and work with you to become more involved, develop your career and feed your passion.

Thank you for your consideration.


MarySue Robey – West Side Ambassador

Mary Sue Robey, RPL
Candidate for WA APCO/NENA Chapter Westside Ambassador
I am asking for your vote for the position of Westside Ambassador of the Washington State APCO-NENA Chapter.
Since October 2019, I have been serving as Ambassador, as I was humbled to be appointed to complete Tim Martindale’s term, left vacant when he moved out of state. I have attended all Executive Board meetings and have been ready to do whatever is needed and remain committed to staying involved at the Board level, carrying out the mission of our Chapter. If elected, I will work with our Eastside Ambassador to increase our membership and help those who would like to be more involved within our chapter to do so. There is room and opportunity for all.
The men and women who provide emergency communications, from the headset to technology to administration, are part of the public-safety network who work tirelessly on behalf of their community and I’m proud to be associated with them. I have worked in public safety administration for 23.5 years; working in finance, accreditation and risk management and am currently serving as Valley Com’s Administrative Services Manager.
My experience and work history speak to my dedication and support of this Chapter and the industry. In the 12 years I have been a WA APCO/NENA member, I have served on many State and International committees including:
• Annual Conference, Co-Chair 3 years – State
• Awards, Chair – State, International
• Member Chapter Services, Chair – State and International
• APCO CALEA, Chair – International
• APCO Task Forces – International
• APCO Group Leader, Chair 4 years – International
• Western Regional Conference Committee
In 2011, I earned the APCO distinction of Registered Public-Safety Leader and in 2019 was recognized by APCO International with Senior Member status. I have been a CALEA Assessor since 2013.
I appreciate your vote for Mary Sue Robey, Westside Ambassador for the Washington State APCO-NENA Chapter. Thank you.


Stacie Huibregtse – West-Side Ambassador

Hello Washington State APCO/NENA Membership! My name is Stacie Huibregtse and I am running for the position of West-side Ambassador. I am extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful group on a whole different level.

I have a long history with Washington State Patrol and Oregon State Police. I started my dispatching career with Oregon State Police in 2000 and worked there for 2 years prior to the center closing due to consolidation.

I have worked with the Washington State Patrol since 2003 and have held numerous positions within the agency to include, front line dispatcher/calltaker, CTO, TERT team Leader and Member, Mentor, Supervisor and finally a station Manager. Throughout my career I have worked closely with APCO/NENA in the mentoring committee (now the Chapter Services Committee) and have enjoyed working and seeing all of you at our various functions.

My current position is Manager for the Communications Officer Training Program. We work to train all the new dispatchers/calltakers for all 8 centers throughout the state. It is an intense training program that has proven to be an excellent growth opportunity for me.

I would love to be able to serve our great membership as the West-side Ambassador and help encourage others to join the Washington State APCO/NENA group. Thank you for your consideration.

Stacie Huibregtse

Washington State Patrol Training Program Manager


Julie Buck – NENA Treasurer

Hello Washington State     APCO / NENA Membership. My name is Julie Buck CPE, ENP, and I am running for the    position of NENA Treasurer. I have previously served as a Chapter Treasurer for the Colorado Chapter from 2015-2017.  During that time, I assisted in the uncovering of a $39,000 embezzlement theft by the previous Chapter Treasurer and we were successful in prosecuting and recouping the entire amount.  I am very excited to be an active member of the Washington Chapter, bringing FRESH ENERGY and NEW IDEAS to the membership!


¨ Colorado APCO Chapter – APCO Western       Regional Committee 2008-2010

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – Executive Board 2010-2014

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – Treasurer 2015-2017

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – State        Conference Chair 2011-2017

¨ Washington APCO / NENA Chapter –          Membership Engagement Committee 2019 – Current Editor of Monthly Newsletter

¨ Washington APCO / NENA Chapter – Financial Audit Committee

I am currently the 9-1-1 Coordinator / Chief of Operations for Klickitat County – Department of Emergency Management. I have been in this position 3 years. I moved to Washington in 2017 from Colorado (my home state). Previously, I worked for the City of Aurora for 22 years for the consolidated Public Safety Communications Department. I started my career as a 9-1-1 Operator, then police dispatcher and finally I spent the last 17 years as a supervisor. I decided fairly quickly that I belonged in this profession.

I joined APCO in 1999 and NENA in 2008.  I am currently certified as an ENP (Emergency Number Professional) and as a CPE (Certified Public-Safety Executive).

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the membership of the Washington chapter as the NENA Treasurer! I know the difficulties of getting new people interested in volunteering and am excited to share my enthusiasm.


Kris DeVore – Secretary

911 Operations Manager
 Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Kris DeVore began her career in serving the public in 1991 working for the Clackamas County Parks Department.  She made her transition when she was hired in Portland, Oregon as a 911 calltaking/dispatcher trainee in 1996.

The next 24 years and paved the way for Kris as a Telecommunicator, Training Officer, Supervisor, Public Information Officer, and currently, Operations Manager of a medium-sized 911 Communications Center.

Kris has been a member of APCO in both Oregon and now, Washington, throughout her career.  She has participated as an instructor for APCO training tracks teaching customer service in emergency situations, recruitment of 911 professionals, tactical communications, etc.  Kris has also served on a variety of panels around Diversity, customer service from 911 dispatchers, Text to 911, and Critical Incident Stress Management.

She has a passion for public safety and would like to exercise that passion on a broader level as Secretary for Washington APCO-NENA.  She is currently serving that role as appointed and would like to continue as Secretary-elect.  Kris has seen firsthand the juggle of tasks and priorities. She recognizes the importance of timeliness, account of information, and the herding of proverbial cats in order for the membership and executive council to be informed and updated.

As you take the time to cast your ballot for Washington APCO-NENA Executive Council, please check the box next to Kris DeVore who desires to serve in the role of APCO-NENA Secretary.


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