Julie Buck – NENA Treasurer

Hello Washington State     APCO / NENA Membership. My name is Julie Buck CPE, ENP, and I am running for the    position of NENA Treasurer. I have previously served as a Chapter Treasurer for the Colorado Chapter from 2015-2017.  During that time, I assisted in the uncovering of a $39,000 embezzlement theft by the previous Chapter Treasurer and we were successful in prosecuting and recouping the entire amount.  I am very excited to be an active member of the Washington Chapter, bringing FRESH ENERGY and NEW IDEAS to the membership!


¨ Colorado APCO Chapter – APCO Western       Regional Committee 2008-2010

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – Executive Board 2010-2014

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – Treasurer 2015-2017

¨ Colorado APCO / NENA Chapter – State        Conference Chair 2011-2017

¨ Washington APCO / NENA Chapter –          Membership Engagement Committee 2019 – Current Editor of Monthly Newsletter

¨ Washington APCO / NENA Chapter – Financial Audit Committee

I am currently the 9-1-1 Coordinator / Chief of Operations for Klickitat County – Department of Emergency Management. I have been in this position 3 years. I moved to Washington in 2017 from Colorado (my home state). Previously, I worked for the City of Aurora for 22 years for the consolidated Public Safety Communications Department. I started my career as a 9-1-1 Operator, then police dispatcher and finally I spent the last 17 years as a supervisor. I decided fairly quickly that I belonged in this profession.

I joined APCO in 1999 and NENA in 2008.  I am currently certified as an ENP (Emergency Number Professional) and as a CPE (Certified Public-Safety Executive).

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the membership of the Washington chapter as the NENA Treasurer! I know the difficulties of getting new people interested in volunteering and am excited to share my enthusiasm.


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