Spring Forum

The upcoming Spring Forum will have training tracks for Coordinators/Directors and Training Officers. The Forum will be held at Kitsap 911. Holding the forum at this location saves our chapter money on facility/venue rentals and helps the chapter stay solvent.

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Coordinator/Director Track

This year we have two classes specific to cybersecurity for our Coordinator and Directors from Texas A&M Engineering Extention Service! Attendees will need to register for the Forum through our regular registration portal and also register for each class at the Texas A&M site. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, is it a requirement for the courses. To register, follow the links below, scroll down to the date and click Register on the site.

Training Officer Track

  • Monday, March 16:
    • Subcommittee meetings
  • Tuesday, March 17:
    • Chapter Meeting
  • Wednesday, March 18:
    • Coming soon
  • Thursday, March 19:
    • Training Subcommittee meeting or Roundtable