Aloha all,

Western Regional Conference – it’s really all we have been talking about and working towards for the past several months.  By the looks of things, this year’s offering is going to be terrific.  Over 80 vendors, great speakers, amazing training tracts and various meetings and roundtable sessions.  Our Wednesday night entertainment by the local Salish Sea tribes looks like it is going to be something you will not want to miss.

I would like to thank the WRC committee, all of the volunteers that have put so much effort into making sure that this week will go off without a hitch.  Richard Kirton deserves special recognition for being the head of the spear on this effort.  I expect that we will all have a fantastic time.

It has been an extra-ordinarily busy year and while the WRC has been a top priority, we have not stopped our legislative efforts surrounding PST certification, making sure that the State 9-1-1 Office has adequate funding and that our PSAPS can continue to receive grant money, assisting with the formulation of the Behavioral Health Field Response bill.  A lot of activity has been occurring.

You might not know any of that information if it wasn’t for the tireless work of our PIO group.  I would be remise in not mentioning Brenda Cantu, Lori Markham, and Kris Devore.  Their attention to detail and constant messaging has been critical in keeping the membership informed and engaged.  Thank you ladies, I know I do not EVER say it enough.

To the membership as a whole – we still have a lot of work to do in the coming months.  Strengthening partnerships with our public safety partners, continued pressure on the legislature to ensure that 9-1-1 funds continue to remain intact and spent on what they are designated for, continued work on certification, and engagement on several fronts.  Thank you all for the daily hard work that you do, and for your continued commitment to your agencies and the profession.

Karl Hatton, President.