Katy Myers


In NG911 EIDD stands for Emergency Incident Data Document and it can be a powerful thing!  In a fully NG911 environment the EIDD is used to transmit data between PSAPs, sort of like how  a proprietary CAD to CAD interface works right now.  The biggest difference?  This is a standardized element build into the NG911 i3 standard and could revolutionize how things work.  Why?  Well imagine you have a pursuit in your PSAP area that is travelling toward your boundary and you would like to notify your neighboring PSAP.  Right now you would call them and let them know all the information (if you don’t have a CAD 2 CAD interface).  In the future if you and your neighbor are full NG911 capable, you could literally transfer the information to them over the ESInet and the EIDD is the way the data gets sent over there.  No special interface, no phone call – just instant quick and easy transfer of the information to who it needs to go to.   There is a lot work being done right now to fully address how to implement and use EIDDs, and this techie, for one, is looking forward to getting them into our environment, what about you?