Jason Fritz

Hello all.  My name is Jason Fritz and astonished is really not the right word to use regarding the reaction I had to being nominated for Vice President of the Washington State Chapter of APCO-NENA.  Flabbergasted may be more appropriate.  Having recently completed APCO’s Registered Public Safety Leader course, the training concluded with options for involvement in your local chapter, and how to get involved.  I was energized and excited about diving in even more with our local chapter, but I certainly did not imagine Vice President!

My public safety career began in 2008 with the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office where I am still working today.  After 5 years in the chair as a call taker and dispatcher I was promoted to supervisor.  In 2015 I was appointed as the 911 Coordinator and in 2018 to Chief Deputy.  I work with some amazing people at my agency who are passionate about providing 911 public safety services in their community.  From our call takers and dispatchers working the phones and radio’s, to those who serve additional roles as training officers, public education outreach, MSAG/GIS, and the technical side of the house.  It takes passion to really do those jobs well.

Speaking of passion, I have never met more passionate people than I have through the Washington State Chapter of APCO-NENA.   You all, are really, really good at your jobs and I have learned so much from so many of you through networking events, email exchanges and conferences.  I want everyone in our industry to learn from you.  I want those that aren’t involved to be involved.  With the Membership Engagement Committee, I want to build upon our outreach to current membership ensuring they are truly engaged with APCO-NENA and are aware of the many training and networking opportunities that are available both at the chapter and national level.  I will also continue to champion the efforts being made toward telecommunicator certification and first responder designation.  APCO has a voice.  And it should be loud and clear that we, as individuals, can have the single most significant impact on a rescue, an arrest, or saving lives before responders even arrive.  I want our state leaders to hear your voice.  I would be honored to serve this chapter as your Vice President.


Jason Fritz

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