Kevin Wolter

KEVIN WOLTER, Senior Solutions Architect at NICE INC , B.Sc (Cybersecurity & IA), ENP, CSAP

Greetings, fellow NENA members.  

Service, commitment, and trust are the foundations of the public safety mission and community.   As a technology expert representing the industry that develops products and solutions in support of the emergency response operations, I can say NENA stands alone in its ability to orchestrate collaboration among professionals from all aspects of the public safety enterprise.   NENA works so well because the organization includes everybody from the PSAP director, Telecommunicators, Support staff to consultants, engineers, and solution providers contributing to the ever-improving support we give the Public and First Responders.

As a candidate for the industry representative, I am convinced it’s essential for the vision and requirements of NENA to be clearly defined and communicated to all current and potential suppliers of products and services.  

I have been in the Telecommunication Industry for 32 years, with the last 22 years at NICE Systems.   My deep domain expertise arises from the technical and operational roles I held across 8 different countries, including system design and architecture, hands-on coding, as well as operations and technical support in fast-paced environments.  I hold 12 current industry certifications, including NENA ENP, and have recently graduated with a B.Sc in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

I have chosen to run for the board position at NENA to contribute back to the industry and organization that I admire for having done so much for our country.  Today, we are facing many new challenges and complexities in 9-1-1. They drive greater expectations from the emergency response community represented by NENA, many of which can be satisfied with transformational technologies. This is where my expertise and passion for innovation will make a difference. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider my nomination.

Thank you;

Senior Solutions Architect
(M) +1 (360) 510-3486

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