APCO-NENA Committees & Advisor Assignments





Public/Government Affairs (Legislative) Committee
APCO International Executive Committee
Past President: Chris Fischer – King County
Past Western Regional Representative - Peggy Fouts - Grays Harbor
Executive Council Rep: Sheryl Mullen – Redmond PD
911 Advisory Committee
APCO Rep: APCO Rep: Richard Kirton - Kitsap County
Alternate: Sheryl Mullen - Redmond Police Department
NENA Rep: Keith Flewelling – Thurston County
Alternate: Tom Shaughnessy – Island County




APCO International Committees
Many of our Washington APCO-NENA Members are involved in APCO International Committees.

Cory Ahrens - Comm Center Standards Committee
Robin Allais - CRESA - CALEA Committee
Kit Eldredge - First Solutions - Historical Committee
Gregory Erickson - What-Comm - Comm Center Standards Committee
Chris Fischer - Credentials, Leadership Development & Standards Development Committees
Cassandra Hogue - NORCOM - Awards Committee
Cory James - NORCOM - 9-1-1 Emerging Tech Committee
Alice Johnson - ZETRON - 9-1-1 Emerging - Emerging Tech Committee
Jackie Jones - MACC - Awards Committee
William M Schrier - KCSO - Broadband Committee
Kevin Kearns- iXP Corporation - Commercial Advisory Council
Kevin Kearns- Spectrum Management Committee
Vonnie Mayer - Valley Communications - Awards Committee
Tara Murker - KCSO - Awards Committee
Terry Peterson - SNOCOM 9-1-1 - 9-1-1 Emerging Tech Committee
Kathryn Pompeo - KCSO - Awards Committee
Mary Sue Robey - Valley Communications - Awards & CALEA Committee
Jerry Schlesinger - Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program - Standards Development Committee
Lora Ueland - Valley Communications P33 Subcommittee of Standards & Development Committee
William Schrier - Washington Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) - Awards Committee
Phil Seratt - CENCOM - Awards Committee
Katy Myers, ENP - CRESA - APCO Professional Development Events Committee




Quality Assurance Work Group:
Crystal Ayco

NG9-1-1 PSAP Joint NENA/APCO Work Group:
James Barber - BCES
Bob Connell - ZETRON
Steve Lagreid - KCSO
PSAPOPS NG911 Management Considerations for EIDD Interoperability Joint NENA/APCO Working Group
Alice Johnson - Zetron
Katy Myers, ENP - CRESA

Provisioning & Maintenance of GIS Data to ECRF-LVF Work Group:
Victor Burton - Telecomsys
Chuck Buzzard - Pierce County
Yu Xia - Telecomsys

Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD) Joint NENA-APCO Work Group:
Doug deGraaf - BCES
Les Flue - 4QTRS
Craig Hamilton - BCES
Dan Werr - Redmond
Yu Xia - Telecomsys
Katy Myers, ENP - CRESA

Site Structure Address Point Work Group:
Peter Di Turi -
Dan Miller -
Ian Von Essen - Spokane County

Smart Applications Joint NENA/APCO Work Group:
Kayreen Lum - KCSO

Site Structure Address Point Work Group:
Roger Marshall - Telecomsys
Dan Miller -
Ian Von Essen - Spokane County

Abbreviated Texting to 911 Work Group:
Don Mitchell - Telecomsys
NENA NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model
Chic Stout
Catherine Udenberg


Advisor Assignments

Washington Advisor Assignments
Washington State APCO Frequency Advisors: Mike Voss - Eastern Washington, phone 360-336-6277, Email- vossm@apco911.org

Sean Douglas - Western Washington, phone 206-205-8181, Email- sean.douglas@kingcounty.gov