About Washington APCO-NENA


2016 2017 EC Photo cropped

Our 2016-2017 Executive Committee welcomes you to our website. As an organization APCO-NENA networks with other public safety agencies and strive for excellence in our chosen field. Come join us and find out what we are all about!. Pictured: 2016-2017 Washington APCO-NENA Chapter Officers (L-R): Bill Behar, Commercial Representative; Katy Myers, Secretary; Tim Martindale, West Side Ambassador, Becky Stokoe, East Side Ambassador, Karl Hatton, President; Jackie Jones, Past-President; Margie Moulin, APCO Intl Western Region Representative; and Sheryl Mullen, Executive Council Representative.  NOT PICTURED:  Richard Kirton, APCO Treasurer, Alice Johnson, NENA Treasurer and Jean Nealy President (posthumously). To contact us, please use the form below or visit our Chapter Officers page.


Our annual reports, bylaws, chapter history and other information can be found on our Reports page.


Read more about APCO: Click here to visit the APCO International Website



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Conferences and Training

We have a number of training opportunities and conferences.


Telecommunicator Awards

Each year we recognize excellence in the 911 field.



Want to be involved? Come join us in learning and sharing!


Advisor Assignments

Have areas of expertise you would like to share? Join one of our groups!

DONATIONS:The Chapter spends over $10K a year to make sure your voice is heard in Olympia. Click the donate button to help support this effort and get involved!