(NENA CMCP = Center Manager Certification Program)
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List of CMCP graduates:

Crystal Ayco

James Barber

Wendy Berrett

Karl Christian

Robert Clemmons

Kimberly Crannell

Helen Demel

Kristine DeVore

Arica French

Criselia Grupp

Scott Hamel

Andrea Hanson

Dee Hathaway

David Heglin

Jerry Jensen

Jennifer Johnson

Jackie Jones

Tara Larkins

Kimberly Lettrick

Robyn Linton

Kathy Loye

Tim Martindale

Rena Martinez

Vonnie Mayer

Karen McKay

Cathy Moe

Sheryl Mullen

Katy Myers

Sean O’Donnell

Matthew O’Neill

Dick Reed

Melinda Rodenberger

Randall Ross

Stephanie Trueblood

Lora Ueland

Mary Valerio

Misty Viebrock

Deanna Wells

Derek Wilson




(APCO RPL = Registered Public Safety Leader)
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List of APCO RPL Graduates:

Lora Ueland

Vonnie Mayer 

Mary Sue Robey

Andie Hanson

Sandy Hogue

Jennie Salinas

Brenda Cantu

Cleo Subido

Tina McMillan

Mary Allen

Stephanie Fritts

Darlene Mainwaring

Deanna Wells


ENP 9-1-1


(NENA ENP = Emergency Number Professional) 
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List of NENA ENP Certified:

Sheila Betts

Bob Connell

Janice Cox

William Doolittle

Timothy Dunn 

Peggy Fouts

Debbie Grady

Karen McKay

Katy Myers

Jean Nealy

Judy Ocondi

Robert Oenning

Terry Peterson

Imas Sakin

Jerry Schlesinger




These agencies are CALEA Accredited.

Want to learn more? Please follow this link.


Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency CRESA (Clark County)

King County Sheriff’s Office – Communications Section

Valley Communications Center VALLEY COM (Kent, WA)




These agencies have APCO Project 33 Training Programs. Learn more about Project 33 by following this link.


Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA)

Spokane County 911 Emergency Communications

Valley Communications Center VALLEY COM (Kent, WA)




These agencies have proven their commitment to protecting our children by completing all the necessary steps to become a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 9-1-1 Call Center Partner.


Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency CRESA (Clark County)


KITTCOM (Kittitas County)


Multi Agency Communications Center MACC 911 (Grant County) 


Northeast County Regional Public-Safety

Comm Agency NORCOM (Bellevue, WA)


Thurston 911 Communications TCOMM (Thurston County)


Valley Communications Center VALLEY COM (Kent, WA)

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