Welcome to the Washington State TERT page. TERT stands for Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce.


State TERT Coordinator:

Jay Atwood, Spokane Fire is the WA State TERT Coordinator Email: jatwood@spokanecity.org

Cory James, NORCOM Bellevue is the WA State Committee Chair Email: cjames@norcom.org


Regional Coordinators:

Lori Markham, Spokane Fire – NE Region Washington State- Email: lmarkham@spokanefire.org

Stacey Garcia, Suncomm Yakima- SE Region Washington State- Email: stacey.garcia@yakimawa.gov

Angee Bunk, Valley Com & Lena Grubb – Snopac – NW Region Washington State – Email: angeeb@valleycom.org and lgrubb@sno911.org  

Nancy Lemay, Kitsap 911 – SW Region Washington State - Email: nlemay@kitsap911.org


Downloadable Documents:

TERT Deployment Letter, Coordinators, Affliliation (Download now in PDF format)

Sample Intergovernmental Agreement (Download now in PDF format

Washington State TERT 2014 Program Guide (Download now in PDF format) (Revised 3/16/14)

Agency Affirmation of Completed Training for Tert Team Members (Download now in Word format)

Form 214 Fillable Activity Log (Download now in Word format)

ICS Forms 219s (Resource Status Cards) (Download now in PDF format)

ICS Forms 221 (Demob Check Out) (Download now in PDF format)

ICS Forms 225 (Download now in PDF format)

PSAP Survey (Download now in Word format)

Reimbursement Log (Download now in Excel format)

Request for TERT form (Download now in Word format)

Team Member Guide Packet (Download now in PDF format)

TERT Deployment Checklist (Download now in Word format)

TERT Member Supply List (Download now in Word format)

TERT Regional Coordinator Packet (Download now in PDF format)

TERT Team Leader Packet (Download now in PDF format)

TERT Incoming Team Briefing Form (Download now in PDF format)

Team Leader Form (Download now in PDF format)

Team Member Form (Download now in PDF format)

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