About the Scholarship:

The Duncan Stewart Scholarship Fund’s purpose is to enable dispatcher, call receiver, and first level supervision training for APCO members whose departments do not have resources to provide such education.


Who may apply:

Current members in good standing of Association of Public Safety Communications Officers, Washington State Chapter employed in a public safety communications facility as a first line supervisor, radio dispatcher, 911 call receiver or technical support position may apply.



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About the Scholarship:

The Dick Quantz Scholarship Fund is in memory of an individual who made great strides in advancing all of our technical networks and was active in our Chapter. Dick Quantz was a long-time APCO Life member and Past President. He was the APCO President in 1966 and helped start the Northwest Chapter of APCO, now the Washington Chapter.


Dick Quantz started his career in public safety in 1939 at the Washington State Patrol (WSP), where he retired in 1977 with the rank of Colonel. He brought the WSP from the era of virtually no radio communications system to a comprehensive state-wide VHF radio system. When he started the VHF network there were no frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum for state-wide communications. He petitioned the FCC for those channels but was told it was technically impossible to build a state-wide system using 150 MHz frequencies. At that time, virtually all state-wide systems were on low-band. He persevered and built one of the first VHF statewide systems in the country. He also designed the first microwave system for the State of Washington in the early 1950’s. When he retired he was responsible for all technical services in the WSP. After he retired in 1977, he worked as a private consultant for ADCOMM Engineering Co. until the middle 1990’s when he decided to fully retire.


Dick was also a Fellow in the Radio Club of America and the recipient of the Washington Chapter Maurice Courtright Memorial Award. He was active in his church which he had attended since he was six.


The Goal:

The goal of the Dick Quantz Memorial Technical Scholarship program is to provide educational assistance to APCO members and their families seeking to further their education in a technical field. The goal of this scholarship program is to help to provide training and technical resources for the public safety industry.


Who may apply:

Each of the two scholarship parts has their own eligibility requirements. Summer Training Conference Scholarship: The Summer Training Conference Scholarship is eligible to all full non-commercial Washington Chapter APCO members who work in a technical field for a state or local government entity. College or University Scholarship Program: The College or University Scholarship Program is open to all Washington Chapter APCO members Active, Member, and Commercial, and their immediate families.


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