Telecommunicator Week Wrap-Up

Today is the final day of Telecommunicator week, and it has been a fantastic experience. Announcing the winners throughout the week has stepped up the enthusiasm and interest, we love it! Below is a summary of all the posts we published this week. Lots of heart-warming, thrilling, encouraging, and a few incredibly sad stories were shared for the award winners. […]

Updated Chapter Logo

You may have noticed we have been using a slightly updated Chapter logo. You still might see some poster boards or other marketing material with the previous logo, but digitally we have begun transitioning to this new gold line logo. Why did we update the logo? This narrowest of lines represents those who are rarely seen but always heard and […]

2021 Team of the Year – CRESA

At approximately 1852 on Friday, July 23rd, 2021, CRESA dispatcher Kira Yager perked up her ears when she heard undercover units calling for Deputy Brown (promoted to Sergeant Brown) on an unmonitored channel.  Kira was then asked to check Deputy Brown’s radio when several 911 calls came in regarding shots being fired in the area of the Pointe Apartments in […]

2020 Team of the Year – Valley Com

Valley Com serves South King County, from the south end of the City of Seattle to Pierce County. May 31, 2020 was the second day of protests and riots in Seattle following the George Floyd case. For situational awareness, Valley Com supervisors were monitoring the regional radio channel being used by Seattle for the protests and riots.  In the afternoon […]

2021 Technician of the Year – Andrew Doughty

Performing in a team environment and playing an active part in resolving issues collaboratively is essential in public safety.  Add dispatch staff that are Type A personalities with no waiting period for getting the work done, and a level of communication that meets the needs of a diverse work force – Andrew shows up.  Andrew is extremely knowledgeable.  CRESA has […]

2020 Technician of the Year – Will Jones

William’s dedication, resolve, commitment, and teamwork are clearly evident in everything that he does at Kitsap 911.  “It’s good enough” is not in his mind set. It is good enough when it is done right and only when it is done right.  He works well with his teammates, brainstorming, explaining, and doing hands on work at whatever level is needed […]

2021 Telecommunicator of the Year – Sustained Performance – Jennifer Gildehaus

Jennifer is one of our most tenured dispatchers. She has grown with the ever-changing technology the industry has undergone and adapts quickly to new policies and procedures. She has an impeccable work ethic and gives 110% each shift.  Jennifer consistently demonstrates integrity and initiative as a dispatcher that goes above and beyond what is expected by our center. She proactively […]

2020 Telecommunicator of the Year – Sustained Performance – Sharice Clark

Sharice had another amazing year at Kitsap 911!  Her performance was exemplary in the following elements: Interpersonal Conduct – She is professional, tactful, diplomatic, cooperative, and respectful. She takes responsibility for her communication.   Sharice has an uncanny ability to keep confusing, varied, and quickly changing elements to a detail straight in her mind, and therefore straight for our User agencies. […]