911 Certification Matters

Help us get 911 Certification and Telecommunicator First Responder acknowledgment passed! Senate Bill SB 5555 concerning Public Safety Telecommunicators is a bill that has been assigned to the State Government & Elections Committee and is scheduled for a public hearing on the 21st of January. Click here to register your support for the bill.

SB-5555 establishes Statewide Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) Training Standard and Certification, a volunteer Certification Board, and acknowledges PSTs as part of the first responder community.

Once the Legislature convenes for its Regular Session on January 10, 2022, we need members to begin communicating with their legislators. Only 1 out of every 7 bills introduced becomes law! Please, help us get this done.

Right now, we will need your help getting the 911 Certification bill passed out of committee.

911 Certification Committee Information
State Government & Elections Committee Member and Staff Information

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Participating in the Process – You are a vital part of the legislative process. The legislative website offers ways to contact a legislator and even participate in committee hearing activities. Click this link to learn the different options for communicating with a Legislator and Participating in a Committee Hearing.

SB-5555 Current Status – To get the current status of the bill, check out this link.

How A Bill Becomes Law – to follow the steps through the procedures for getting our bill to become law, check out this .PDF document.

Other Resources and Communication:

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Email to membership, 1/14/2022


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