Engagement Committee

Engagement Committee

Co-Chairs are West and East Side Ambassadors, engagement@waapconena.org

Plan and boost opportunities for members to build relationships and engage with the chapter.  The committee preserves chapter memories and history, acknowledges members and their accomplishments, and supports and cares for our members’ wellbeing. Chapter Ambassadors co-chair this committee.

  • Compassionate care (i.e., send cards and thoughtful items to PSAPs who experience loss or tragic incidents)
  • Identify longstanding members for acknowledgment at meetings
  • Retirement acknowledgments
  • Identify historical chapter and chapter member work and document it
  • Take pictures for sharing and posterity
  • Send welcome messages and information to new members
  • Promote hospitality and friendship with newer or invisible members

Agency Ambassadors

We are establishing an Agency Ambassador program! To help make sure Chapter activities and information is shared with the widest audience possible, Agency Ambassadors will receive communication from Chapter leaders and be asked to pass it on. Easy-Peasy! Do you have 5 minutes a month to forward an email or post something on your community bulletin board? Send an email to volunteer@waapconena.org and we will welcome you to our ranks.