HB 1055 in Senate Rules – Deadline Looming

HB 1055 in Senate Rules – Deadline Looming

Contact your Senator NOW and ask for their help.

If you haven’t seen or read any of the lead-up information about HB-1055, you can view it at These next few days are CRITICAL!  If we don’t get the bill pulled from the Senate Rules and passed by the Senate by Wednesday, April 12th at 5 pm the bill dies. We are so close, lets get this done! We have asked for your help before, which has gotten us to this critical juncture.  This bill passed unanimously out of the House of Representatives on March 6th, passed Senate Ways and Means on March 13th and has strong support from both sides of the aisle as well as our other public safety partners.  But it is stalled, and we need your help now.

What to do:

  1. Email your Representatives and ask for their help passing HB-1055.  Identify Your Senator.  Enter your address in Step 1 and click Find My District. 
  1. You will see your Legislators listed, click on their name to find their contact information:
  1. Click on the Email link and fill out the form.  You can include the Bill Number (example below)
  1. Enter a Subject Line and your support request in the Message box.  Below is an email sent to the Senate Rules Committee and the talking points for PSTs if you need help with wording or language.  Include where you work and what you do so the Senator knows you are vested in the outcome. Be authentic and open.  End your email with your ask (see #5). 
  2. What’s your ask?  Incorporate your “ask” into the beginning and end of your email.  Below is a table that shows all of the Senators, sorted by their District.  Find your Senator and follow the next bullets to help with special messaging and your ask.
  • Sponsored S 5328:  Thank you for sponsoring S 5328.  Its companion bill HB-1055 has unanimously passed the House of Representatives!
  • On Rules:  Please prioritize and support HB-1055 and pull it from Rules.
  • Not on Rules:  Please contact your leadership and ask them to prioritize and pull HB-1055 from the Senate Rules Committee.
RulesS 5328 SponsorMember NamePartyDistrictPhoneEmailLegislative AssistantLA EmailLA 2LA 2 Email
Derek StanfordD1(360) 786-7600derek.stanford@leg.wa.govStephen
Jim McCuneR2(360) 786-7602jim.mccune@leg.wa.govMatthew
MemberAndy BilligD3(360) 786-7604andy.billig@leg.wa.govVeronica MooreheadVeronica.Moorehead@leg.wa.govDaniel
Mike PaddenR4(360) 786-7606mike.padden@leg.wa.govScott
Mark MulletD5(360) 786-7608mark.mullet@leg.wa.govConnor
YesJeff HolyR6(360) 786-7610jeff.holy@leg.wa.govWilliam
MemberShelly ShortR7(360) 786-7612shelly.short@leg.wa.govShannon
Matt BoehnkeR8(360) 786-7614matt.boehnke@leg.wa.govDinah Le
Mark SchoeslerR9(360) 786-7620mark.schoesler@leg.wa.govSuzette Coopersuzette.cooper@leg.wa.govPenny
MemberRon MuzzallR10(360) 786-7618ron.muzzall@leg.wa.govEric
MemberYesBob HasegawaD11(360) 786-7616bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.govJenny Changjenny.chang@leg.wa.govNatasha
Brad HawkinsR12(360) 786-7622brad.hawkins@leg.wa.govElizabeth
Judy WarnickR13(360) 786-7624judith.warnick@leg.wa.govCynthia
MemberCurtis KingR14(360) 786-7626curtis.king@leg.wa.govLorraine
Nikki TorresR15(360) 786-7684Nikki.Torres@leg.wa.govJustus
Perry DozierR16(360) 786-7630Perry.Dozier@leg.wa.govTiffani Sanné
Lynda WilsonR17(360) 786-7632lynda.wilson@leg.wa.govAmber
MemberAnn RiversR18(360) 786-7634ann.rivers@leg.wa.govJosalun
Jeff WilsonR19(360) 786-7636Jeff.Wilson@leg.wa.govJami
Ranking MemberJohn BraunR20(360) 786-7638john.braun@leg.wa.govRuth Petersonruth.peterson@leg.wa.govNadia
YesMarko LiiasD21(360) 786-7640marko.liias@leg.wa.govJeremy Knappjeremy.knapp@leg.wa.govPavi
YesSam HuntD22(360) 786-7642sam.hunt@leg.wa.govMeagan
Christine RolfesD23(360) 786-7644christine.rolfes@leg.wa.govJennifer Smolenjennifer.smolen@leg.wa.govLily O’DohertyLily.O’
Prime Sponsor YesKevin Van De WegeD24(360) 786-7646kevin.vandewege@leg.wa.govPeter Steelquistpeter.steelquist@leg.wa.govAdam
MemberChris GildonR25(360) 786-7648chris.gildon@leg.wa.govCaylin
YesEmily RandallD26(360) 786-7650emily.randall@leg.wa.govSantos
Yasmin TrudeauD27(360) 786-7652yasmin.trudeau@leg.wa.govLisa
YesT’wina NoblesD28(360) 786-7654T’wina.Nobles@leg.wa.govDaniel
YesSteve ConwayD29(360) 786-7656steve.conway@leg.wa.govKimberlie
MemberYesClaire WilsonD30(360) 786-7658claire.wilson@leg.wa.govMarshall
YesPhil FortunatoR31(360)
MemberJesse SalomonD32(360) 786-7662jesse.salomon@leg.wa.govJohn
Vice ChairyesKaren KeiserD33(360) 786-7664karen.keiser@leg.wa.govJennifer
Joe NguyenD34(360) 786-7667joe.nguyen@leg.wa.govNicole
Drew MacEwenR35(360) 786-7668drew.macewen@leg.wa.govRob
Noel FrameD36(360)
MemberYesRebecca SaldañaD37(360) 786-7688rebecca.saldana@leg.wa.govSha’Niya BlackSha’Niya.Black@leg.wa.govRaman
June RobinsonD38(360) 786-7674june.robinson@leg.wa.govKate
Keith WagonerR39(360) 786-7676keith.wagoner@leg.wa.govSharra
Liz LovelettD40(360) 786-7678liz.lovelett@leg.wa.govIvy
Lisa WellmanD41(360) 786-7641lisa.wellman@leg.wa.govNoah
YesSharon ShewmakeD42(360) 786-7682sharon.shewmake@leg.wa.govSarah
MemberJamie PedersenD43(360) 786-7628jamie.pedersen@leg.wa.govSam Hendricksonsam.hendrickson@leg.wa.govMandy
MemberYesJohn LovickD44(360) 786-7686john.lovick@leg.wa.govBraden
Manka DhingraD45(360) 786-7672manka.dhingra@leg.wa.govAshley
YesJavier ValdezD46(360) 786-7690javier.valdez@leg.wa.govJohana
Claudia KauffmanD47(360) 786-7692claudia.kauffman@leg.wa.govJade
MemberYesPatty KudererD48(360) 786-7694patty.kuderer@leg.wa.govTanya
MemberAnnette ClevelandD49(360) 786-7696annette.cleveland@leg.wa.govKevin


  1. Call and leave a message for your Reps.  It won’t take but a minute and a phone call can make the difference. 

Thank you for your help!  Let’s get our PSTs into the appropriate retirement system and allow them to retire from their chosen profession.

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