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SB-5555 is scheduled for a public hearing


SB-5555 is scheduled for a public hearing on 1/21/2022!

Hello, members of the WA APCO NENA Chapter.  I wrote to you last week to inform and prepare you for SB-5555.  If you didn’t receive that email you can see it here.  Today, I write to give you the good news that our bill is scheduled for a hearing in front of the committee.  

SB-5555 does two very specific and essential things:

  • Establishes a volunteer Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) Certification Board that will:
    • Set minimum training standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators
    • Ensure PST training programs meet the standard
    • Set the certification and recertification requirements
    • Plan the transition process for existing PSTs to obtain initial certification
  • Recognizes PSTs as first responders 

SB-5555 is assigned to the State Government and Elections Committee in the Senate.  The hearing will be held on 1/21/2022 and it is incredibly important the committee hears from supporters. 

WA APCO-NENA is lining up PSAP Directors, Telecommunicators, and supporting organizations to testify in support of the bill.  Will you take one minute and go to the legislative website and record your support too?

Follow the links below to learn more.

SB-5555 Current Status – To get the current status of the bill, check out this link.

How A Bill Becomes Law – to follow the steps through the procedures for getting our bill to become law, check out this .PDF document.

WA APCO-NENA Website – the website is being kept up to date with information about the bill and our work to get it passed.  

I can’t thank our members enough for their work, dedication, and heroism.  During these very trying times, you have risen to the challenge and provided emergency services to the community and the field responders.  This bill is our chance to begin elevating the profession in the eyes of the law and the state.  We do this for you and for the future of our profession.  Now let’s get it done!

WA APCO-NENA President

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