Training & Certification Board is in place

Training & Certification Board is in place

We are excited to announce the Training & Certification Board, created by SSB-5555, is in place and has met twice. If you would like to learn more, head over to their public web page.

Duties of the certification board include:

  1. Adopting bylaws for the certification board;
  2. Adopting rules, with the advice and assistance of the 911 advisory committee, to implement the provisions of this chapter including, but not limited to, rules to implement a state-approved training program for process, policy, and procedure;
  3. Reviewing and approving state-approved training programs biennially. State-approved training programs should be consistent with industry standards;
  4. Setting all public safety telecommunicator certification, registration, and renewal fees, and to collect and deposit all such fees in the 911 account established under RCW 38.52.540; and
  5. Establishing recertification requirements.

Current board members are:

Constituency, Full Name, Primary/Alternate, Email Address

Advisory Committee Chair, Richard Kirton, Primary

PSAP Director – East, Erica McNamara, Primary

PSAP Director – West, Karl Hatton, Primary

PST – East, Aimee Fournier-Plante, Primary

PST – West, Jodi Gaylord, Primary

WASPC, Mike Worden, Primary

WFC, Robert (Bob) Gea,r Primary

WFC, Tim McKern, Alternate

WSAC, Tom Handy, Primary

Labor Position #1, Charlotte Harper, Primary

Labor Position #2, Erin Gauthier, Primary

Labor Alternate, Anna Laudenschlager, Alternate