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Chapter Elections

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Chapter elections are held annually during the Fall Conference. Learn more by checking out our Bylaws.

2023 Candidate Information

Chapter Vice President

  • D.T. Donaldson – D.T. has experience working at a large ECC, a small/medium ECC, and a secondary ECC.  He spent four years as a 911 dispatcher in the Midwest, and then moved to the Pacific Northwest where he was a dispatch supervisor for five years, a dispatch manager for three years, and has now been the director at MACC (Grant County) for three years.  While working as a dispatcher, one of his collateral duties was to book prisoners, and he also worked part-time as a paramedic.  Prior to becoming a dispatcher, he served aboard a submarine in the Navy Nuclear Power Program.  He is fluent in Spanish.  He has APCO CPE and NENA ENP and CMCP certifications and a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA). He is very excited for NG911 and new, game-changing technologies that have the potential to improve the work life of emergency telecommunicators and the service we provide to partner agencies and the community.  He is also interested in elevating the emergency telecommunications profession to the level of respect it deserves.

Eastside Ambassador

  • Karen Crawford (incumbent)

Executive Council Representative

  • Mary Sue Robey (incumbent)

Commercial Representative (voted on by Commercial members only)

  • Victor Burton (incumbent) – I have worked in the Telecommunications Industry for over 31 years. I did not realize I was beginning a lifetime calling when I was offered an exciting opportunity with the startup, XYpoint. XYpoint’s goal, route mobile 9-1-1 calls to the appropriate PSAP based on location information, had never been achieved. XYpoint’s success transformed 9-1-1.

    This was the beginning of my interest and curiosity with 9-1-1. 20 years later, XYpoint is now Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and our 9-1-1 team continues to improve how individuals request emergency help. My appreciation of the 9-1-1 industry has expanded as I have become aware of the countless individuals in and across many areas of this Public Safety service who continue to provide much needed expertise and diligence.  So many people work hard to deliver the most important call many of us ever make.

    My experience with Comtech’s 9-1-1 products and passion to improve 9-1-1 services makes me a good candidate for the Washington APCO NENA Commercial Representative position. I have learned from my last two years as the Commercial Representative, and I look forward to continue learning and serving Public Safety in this position.
  • Della Mauler – I look forward to serving the Washington APCO-NENA Chapter as the Commercial Representative.  I believe that my longevity will bring value to the Emergency Communications communities our Chapter serves and to the Commercial community.  We each invest in products and services that ease the burden for our ECCs. I have been serving Public Safety since 1996.  I have been an active supporter of the Washington State APCO NENA Chapter.  Thank you for your consideration!

An email will be sent on September 17 to all APCO & NENA members with a link to their ballot. Check your junk folder if you don’t receive it. Contact for further information or help. Voting closes October 16, 2023, at 5 pm. Election results will be made public at the Chapter Meeting. Newly elected individuals will be sworn in during the Banquet Ceremony on Thursday Evening.