Duncan Stewart Scholarship Fund

Duncan Stewart Scholarship Fund

  • Goal

The Duncan Stewart Scholarship Fund’s purpose is to enable dispatcher, call receiver, and first-level supervision training for APCO members whose departments do not have the resources to provide such education.

  • Who May Apply

Current members in good standing of Association of Public Safety Communications Officers, Washington State Chapter employed in a public safety communications facility as a first line supervisor, radio dispatcher, 911 call receiver or technical support position may apply.

To apply for an award from the Duncan Stewart Scholarship Fund, the applicant must:

  1. Fill out a Scholarship Fund Application in full, providing documentation where requested;
    1. Obtain an authorization signature from the agency executive;
    1. Submit the completed package according to the application instruction
  • Use of Awards

All training awards are provided on a reimbursement basis. Applications may be submitted prior to attendance but submission does not guarantee approval. All awards are for registration and housing only. Awards for incidental expenses, meals, travel or other uses are not available.

Upon completion of the conference or course of which reimbursement is being requested, APCO requires a signed affidavit from the sponsoring agency executive verifying the level of participation by their employee. The affidavit should verify that the conference attendee participated in training during at least 75% of the offered training session time from any track or the employee successfully completed the training course with a passing grade of C or better. The affidavit should be submitted along with a report detailing the attendee’s experience and use of the training to the scholarship committee. Reimbursement shall occur only after the successful completion of training in all cases.