Getting PSTs into PSERS

Getting PSTs into PSERS

WA APCO-NENA is working on getting Telecommunicators into the Public Safety Employee Retirement System (PSERS).  This retirement system differs from PERS as its members are eligible to retire with 100% benefit at age 60 with 10 years of PSERS service credit.

Follow the links below to learn more.

HB-1055 Text – Text of the original HB-1055 submitted

HB-1055 Current Status – To get the bill’s current status, check out this link.

How A Bill Becomes Law – To follow the steps through the procedures for getting our bill to become law, check out this .PDF document.

DateHB-1055 (House Bill)S-5328 (Senate Bill)
1/9 – 1/16Public Hearing at AppropriationsReferred to Ways & Means
1/23Public Hearing at Ways & Means
2/7Scheduled for Executive Session – Passed!!! Now in Rules
2/13Schedule for Executive Session – Passed! Goes to House.
3/6Passed Unanimously out of the House
3/13Passed out of Senate Ways and Means
3/27Still in Senate Rules. Deadline to be pulled and passed from the Senate is April 12. 2023