Molly Elliott & the Sunshine Fund

Molly Elliott & the Sunshine Fund

Molly Elliott was a great supporter of our Chapter. In her honor, we have established a Sunshine Fund. The fund will support compassionate care for our members. You can help build the fund and honor Molly by donating directly to the Chapter, proceeds will go toward the fund.

The purpose of the fund is to provide a measure of financial assistance for those public safety communication professionals who meet with a qualifying event that affects their personal lives or that of their immediate family members. To request assistance, download the form below, complete and send it to

Molly was a member of our Chapter since 1998. She gave countless hours supporting the Chapter’s activities and events. Always the first to volunteer – and always showed up.

In 2015 Molly was awarded the State Telecommunicator of the Year for Sustained Performance. Her drive, engagement, and consistency made her the perfect recipient.

The fund is sustained by receiving a portion of the proceeds from the basket auction held during our annual conference, direct donations, and other fundraisers.  Molly was the driving force behind the basket auctions – basically running it on her own and ensuring baskets were beautifully presented (sometimes even re-wrapping baskets that didn’t meet her presentation requirements).

Thank you, Molly, for the years of friendship and fun!