Telecommunicator of the Year, Critical Incident

This award is designed to honor an individual(s) from a public-safety communications agency who handled a critical incident in an exemplary manner that positively affected its outcome. The nominee(s) may be a dispatcher, calltaker, or supervisor. When completing your nomination for submission, please ensure you select the correct category and provide as much detail about the nominee in your nomination as possible. Please ensure nominations are submitted to the correct category as to not delay the judging process.

NOMINATOR TIPS AND RESOURCES:  Please provide as much detail about the nominee(s) in your nomination as possible.  Include specific examples to emphasize and illustrate exemplary performance.  If you have any questions, please email the Awards Committee Chair for assistance any time at:

2021 – Nicole Burrell

2020 – Mary Valerio

2014 Kyle Boeddeker, CENCOM
2013 Myke Isayev – Spokane Fire Department
2012 Jeff West – CENCOM
2011 Judy Indermark, Pacific County Communications
2010 Christopher Scott- Thurston 911 Communications
2009 Helen Terry- MACC
2008 Cenci Miner- Washington State Patrol- Bremerton
2007 Miriam Rendon- CAPCOM
2006 Jill Massick – Valley Communications Center
2005 Judy Indermark – Pacific County
2004 Kris Woodrow – LESA/Tacoma
2003 Carmen Alonzo – CENCOM
2002 Danette Neuhausen – Seattle Police Department
2001 Sam Baughman – PENCOM- Port Angeles
2000 Rachel Doniger – SNOPAC
1999 Jodi Basim – SNOCOM
1998 Kris Johnson – LESA/Tacoma
1997 Rebecca Roedl – Spokane County E911 Center
1996 Shirl Avila – Stevens County Communications
1995 Margaret Dearduff – Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
1994 Melody Higgins – Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
1993 Terri Cole – Seattle Fire Department
1992 Jeffrey Axtell – Lakewood Fire District 2
1992 Debra Mandrey – CAPCOM Olympia
1991 Debbie Adamson – Moses Lake Police
1990 Cheryl Goldman – Elma PD
1989 Steven M. Jones – SNOPAC
1988 Gerald Bernier – Kitsap County CENCOM
1987 Helen West – Pullman PD
1986 Teresa Bryan – Pullman PD
1985 Ken DeMan – King County Fire District 11
1984 Janell Williams – Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
1983 Londra V. Davis – SNOPAC
1982 Billie Jo Shinall – Pullman PD