Telecommunicator Team of the Year

This award is designed to honor two or more individuals from the same public-safety communications agency who worked on the same incident, event or project. Team members may hold any titles within the public safety communications center. When completing your nomination for submission, please ensure you select the correct category and provide as much detail about the nominees in your nomination as possible. Please ensure nominations are submitted to the correct category as to not delay the judging process.

NOMINATOR TIPS AND RESOURCES:  Please provide as much detail about the nominee in your nomination as possible.  Include specific examples to emphasize and illustrate exemplary performance.  If you have any questions, please email the Awards Committee Chair for assistance any time at:

2021 – CRESA

2020 – Valley Com

2014 Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch: Susie Ortiz, Communications Sergeant; Mike Worden, Chief Deputy of Special Operations / Communications; Lauren Davidson, Communication Deputy; Stephanie Valencia-Cruz, Communications Deputy; Jennifer Johnson, Communications Sergeant; Liz McKinney, Communications Deputy; Heather Timmerman, Communications Deputy; Patrick Baker, Communications Deputy; Michael Whitey, Communications Deputy; Pat Stevens, Communications Sergeant; Christy Goddard, Communications Deputy; Beth Paine, Communications Deputy; Walt Stalder, Communications Senior Technician; Cammie Josh, Communications Deputy.

2013 – Skagit 911: Stacey Clifton, Thomas Burris, Chris Wilson, David Sackman, Melinda Rodenberger, Krysta Billieu, Roberta Parker, Beth Fugier, Krysta Skonard, Faye Whitney, Sandra Burton, Julia Boyer, Kathryn Hansen, & April Hustead(View photo)

2012 – ValleyCom: Alison Barlow, Patricia McIntosh, Britney Casey, Jennifer Gildehaus, Karina Putnam-Kaminski, Diana Cowan and Grace Larsen (View photo)

2011 – RiverCom 911: Ross Kellogg, Jessica DeMyer, Scott Heneghen, Renea Miller and Dispatch Supervisor Molly Elliott. (View photo).

2010 – Okanogan County Communications Center: Patricia Stevens and Lacy Storey

2009 – LESA: Cori Crofts, Peter Dequina, Davina Clardy, Stephanie Scott, Bob Cournoyer, Leilani Erechar, Michelle Hensley, Scott Hamel, Misty Barclay, Chey Fritch and Cammy Larivier

2008 – Cowlitz County 911: Maria Schuh, Shan Olsen, Chris Koehler, Michele Sims

2007 – WHITCOM: Susan Waltz, Lori Burkett, Tiffany Manhart, Sarah Cassidy and Kathleen Claymore

2005 – SNOCOM: Karen McKay, Lisa Andrews, John Chenoweth, Darryl Grant and Sheila Betts