Recruitment, Retention & Retirement Workshop

This workshop is for all attendees! Do you work a lot of overtime? Not many recruits? Losing good people? Attend this workshop to delve into these subjects. This complex problem won’t be solved by any singular action – this is going to take our entire community. How can the Chapter, its Subcommittees, the State 911 Office, its Subcommittees, and other […]

988/911 Where we are

Adam Wasserman will provide an update on the 988/911 process and where we are today. , Presented by Adam Wasserman, SECO. Class Location: Classroom H.

The Legislative Process

How does the legislative process work in Washington State? What does the PGAC (Public & Government Affairs Committee do? This session provides an overview of how a bill becomes a law in the Washington State Legislature, what happens “behind the scenes,” and what the Public & Government Affairs Committee of Washington APCO/NENA is working on for the 2023 legislative session., […]

Staffing & Technology: Leveraging Technology as a Force Multiplier

Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) across the state and country struggle to maintain adequate staffing. Hiring bonuses, pay increases, and creative recruitment strategies do not always lead to the increase in staffing and retention that we desire. Staffing needs, however, are only one side of the equation. On the other side of the equation is workload; a reduction in workload leads […]

Current Employment Concerns for 911

Current Employment Concerns for 911 Communications Please join Mike as he shares his expertise on: Drug Testing as it relates to pre-hire, new hires, and existing employees Accommodation issues for existing employees Discrimination claims related to pre-hire and existing employees Presented by Mike Bolasina, WCIA. Class Location: Classroom H.

Building Employee’s First, Skills Second

In this presentation, we will discuss ways in which you can develop the employees you want to have at your organizations to help build healthy cultures where they want to STAY! You have a choice; you can continue working with the high performing rock star of a dispatcher or call taker with a poor attitude who slays at the job […]

Transform 911

Download the powerpoint presentation: 2022 10-06 APCO Presentation What is Transform 911? Purpose, goal, vision and how to operationalize the 7 Point Plan, Presented by Lora Ueland, Valley Com. Class Location: Classroom G.   Lora Ueland, Executive Director, Valley Communications Center 911, Kent, WA. Lora began her career as a dispatcher at Valley Com 911 in 1981 and has held multiple […]

Preserving APCO History and APCO Commercial Advisory Council Update

This presentation will include an update on the work of the Commercial Advisory Council and Historical Committee, Presented by Tina Jackson, The Spectrum. Class Location: Classroom A. Tina Jackson has been in the Spectrum Strategy and FCC Licensing arm of our industry for 40 years.  She has done countless training sessions on the overall licensing process and regulatory initiatives in […]

New ECC In Belize! A Unique Partnership for Development and Preparation for Emergency Response

Belize has never had a public EMS system of any sort and organized pre-hospital medical care has been all but non-existent. Learn of experiences and partnerships to implement the first ever public EMS system in Belize which includes the nation’s first Emergency Communication Center using a CAD and other communication systems. Learn how equipment, technology and training is delivered to […]