Digitally Transforming 911: Doing more with less in challenging Times

As a 911 center leader, you’re pulled in a lot of different directions. Your time is consumed managing daily operations, and handling performance reporting, hiring, staff supervision, and even navigating different systems to reconstruct incidents to fulfill evidence requests. All this manual work and the friction it creates in day-to-day processes can slow you down and distract you from important things that can keep your staff motivated and engaged – like Quality Assurance, coaching, training and mentoring. Attend this educational presentation to learn how you can free up time and resources to focus on the human side of 911, by digitally transforming manual, time-wasting tasks. Learn how to: • Problem-solve by identifying the major time-consuming activities that divert your focus away from time that could be spent motivating and retaining staff.
• Get hours back in each day by automating and improving necessary but mostly manual tasks, including quality assurance, reporting, incident reconstruction, and more.
• Apply time-savings in the most effective way to better manage, motivate and retain 911 center staff.

Traveling Dispatchers Alternative Staffing Solutions

Save the wellness of your dispatchers, one shift at a time, provide respite and vacation time back to those who have made it through some tough times. If you have managers covering shifts, if you have been short-staffed for a long period of time, then this session is for you. Attend and participate in the next phase of staffing support. Discussion includes: 1) How Dispatch on Demand can work, where it has limitations
2) Discuss the challenges and successes revealed in pilot projects.
3) Explore outsourcing operations to the experts, solve staffing woes.

Change Management and Resiliency go Hand in Hand

Preparing your first responder teams for the (un)expected in a world where technology, staffing and community are forcing us to do it differently is a MUST! Readiness as a matter of daily activity, and resiliency as a matter of good health, go hand in hand. Get away from the old ways…TITWWHADI Disease! This is the way we have always done it! Not only do we need to learn new policy and updated technologies, we must learn also, supporting the human side of change: stress management, communications, messaging…even overcoming resistance! Learning Objectives: 1) Master the human side of PSAP changes: Inspire, improve, and align your people for what is coming.
2) Learn to assess Quality of Service impact, what will help your team overcome apprehension, and prepare for long term goal achievements.
3) Find Your Change Agents, those who will support, encourage, and train

Cyber Incident Response Planning: Preparing for the inevitable

Public Safety is relentlessly under attack by malicious cyber actors, and as a result, planning and policy need to be an integral part of your organization’s cyber posture. Lack of clear, communicated procedure and policy can impede your organization’s velocity in responding to and recovering from a cyber attack. Every minute lost in the wake of an attack can mean the difference between losing critical data, system operations, and potentially life. The criticality of a well thought out and tested preparedness and cyber incident response plan cannot be emphasized enough, from well trained personnel, knowing how to respond, and how you’re going to get operations back up and running quickly again.

Recruitment, Retention & Retirement Workshop

This workshop is for all attendees! Do you work a lot of overtime? Not many recruits? Losing good people? Attend this workshop to delve into these subjects. This complex problem won’t be solved by any singular action – this is going to take our entire community. How can the Chapter, its Subcommittees, the State 911 Office, its Subcommittees, and other […]

988/911 Where we are

Adam Wasserman will provide an update on the 988/911 process and where we are today. , Presented by Adam Wasserman, SECO. Class Location: Classroom H.

The Legislative Process

How does the legislative process work in Washington State? What does the PGAC (Public & Government Affairs Committee do? This session provides an overview of how a bill becomes a law in the Washington State Legislature, what happens “behind the scenes,” and what the Public & Government Affairs Committee of Washington APCO/NENA is working on for the 2023 legislative session., […]

Staffing & Technology: Leveraging Technology as a Force Multiplier

Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) across the state and country struggle to maintain adequate staffing. Hiring bonuses, pay increases, and creative recruitment strategies do not always lead to the increase in staffing and retention that we desire. Staffing needs, however, are only one side of the equation. On the other side of the equation is workload; a reduction in workload leads […]

Current Employment Concerns for 911

Current Employment Concerns for 911 Communications Please join Mike as he shares his expertise on: Drug Testing as it relates to pre-hire, new hires, and existing employees Accommodation issues for existing employees Discrimination claims related to pre-hire and existing employees Presented by Mike Bolasina, WCIA. Class Location: Classroom H.

Building Employee’s First, Skills Second

In this presentation, we will discuss ways in which you can develop the employees you want to have at your organizations to help build healthy cultures where they want to STAY! You have a choice; you can continue working with the high performing rock star of a dispatcher or call taker with a poor attitude who slays at the job […]