Recruitment, Retention & Retirement Workshop

This workshop is for all attendees! Do you work a lot of overtime? Not many recruits? Losing good people? Attend this workshop to delve into these subjects. This complex problem won’t be solved by any singular action – this is going to take our entire community. How can the Chapter, its Subcommittees, the State 911 Office, its Subcommittees, and other […]

TC Supersession: Understanding the DV Cycle of Violence

Domestic violence is a growing public health crisis and often the #1 call for service for many Law Enforcement agencies across the country. In this session, attendees will learn about the components of the DV cycle and how power and control are at the core of the DV cycle. Understanding the dynamics of domestic violence can help Telecommunicators become more […]

Gratitude Check

Over the course of my career, learning about gratitude has been life changing. Most recently my sister and I have been on a gratitude journey that keeps me centered, and aware of where and when to look for gratitude, and how gratitude just jumps out sometimes, Presented by Renee VanBuskirk, RiverCom. Class Location: Classroom B. Renee VanBuskirk 20+ years’ experience […]

Growing Your 911 Center

You are the future leaders of this profession. But sometimes the future can feel daunting. During this session we will discuss some tips on how anyone can begin to prepare themselves for a leadership role. We will talk about potential career paths as well as interview and resume and cover letter tips. , Presented by Aaron Moe, Thurston Co. Class […]

How To Survive This Theme Park called a Communication’s Center

This fun-filled hour is meant to compare how Communication Centers are much like theme parks. Even though there are things we do not always like about Theme Parks, we continue to go back despite our complaining. This feeling is much like a Comm Center when it comes to the daily negative “baggage” we ourselves bring to the job yet keep […]

TERT: From Deployment to Demob

Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) is a program designed to augment communications resources and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) in times of disaster. This session will look at TERT from its creation at the State Level to deployment of personnel to demobilization. It will discuss best practices for PSAP leadership in the planning of deploying and/or receiving TERT personnel, and […]

Getting to Know the Behavior Health System

Topic includes behavior health and crisis services. Discussion about the new state-wide Recovery Navigator Program. , Presented by Sindi Saunders, Greater Columbia Behavior Health. Class Location: Classroom G. Sindi Saunders M.Ed., LMHC, CCEP, CHC- Sindi Saunders is the Co-Director and Compliance officer for Greater Columbia Behavioral Health. Sindi has worked in community behavioral health for the past 22 years and […]