The Chapter is moving away from quarterly newsletters. Instead, we will be posting short articles, notices, and other items of interest here, on the website. Blog posts will also be published on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow us!

Get our blog posts to your email by adding our feed to any RSS reading application you currently use (i.e. Feedly, NewsBlur, Inoreader, Old Reader or Feeder for example.)

Or you can add our feed to your Outlook email and see new blog posts like incoming emails.

Go to RSS Subscriptions folder under your inbox, right-click, and click on “Add a New RSS Feed…”

Enter as the location of the feed.

  • Now you will see a folder under RSS Subscriptions where you can ‘read’ new posts to our website and keep up to date!
  • Hint: You can also create an email rule to move incoming posts to your inbox so you don’t have to check a separate folder.
  • What will be posted on the blog?  Things like:
    • Chapter meeting notifications, agendas, and minutes
    • Upcoming events and information
    • General chapter and professional news
    • Job announcements
    • Committee information and updates
    • … anything to publish that is beneficial to our membership

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